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Professional Team of "Arex"---our expert staff members

Toshiro Era
President & CEO/ Chief Consultant
Era graduated from Kanagawa University with a major in Law and consequently joined Unite Public Relations in 1986. In 1988, he joined PRAP Japan, one of the top five Japanese public relations firms. He worked there for 14 years until he established Arex in 2001. Era has worked for companies in almost every industry sector in Japan and China including chemicals, IT, food, finance, automobiles, fashion, and entertainment. He has taken a media training course for professional PR trainers at the Ketchum Communications Training Center in New York. Era has a wide experience as lecturer/trainer in various seminars for marketing communications, corporate PR, and crisis management.

Hideki Hirano
Executive Vice President / Chief trainer
Hirano joined Arex in 2002 and has since earned a reputation for providing practical advice that leads to actual solutions. His expertise extends from identifying newsworthy material within clients' organizations to managing crisis communications to strategizing how to use social media as a communication platform. Prior to Arex, Hirano was a deputy business news editor for the Nikkei, where he covered various industries including automobile, steel, and energy, as well as fields concerning corporate governance, finance/accounting and derivative markets. From August 2006 to January 2009, he concurrently served as managing editor and chief editor of OhmyNews (Japanese edition). Hirano earned a B.A. in Economics from Waseda University, Tokyo, and an MBA from Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley.

Yoshinori Era
Executive Officer
With a 17-year experience at financial industry and financial information service consulting, Era, CMA, is an expert in Investor Relations. His expertise extends from building IR strategies through implementation of activities. Prior to joining Arex in 2004, he began his career in 1988 with then Yamaichi Securities as equity sales staff to individual and corporate investors. In 1991 he joined IR Japan, Inc., an independent investor relations consulting firm. His group spun off in 1997 to be Financial Media Inc., a part of Takara Printing Group, and in 2001 he was named a Executive Director of Consulting at Financial Media. Era earned a B.A. in Commercial Science from Keio University, Tokyo.

Yoko Abe
Executive Director, Fashion and Music Writer
Abe graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University with a major in pedagogy and entered Esmod Japon in 1994. In 1995, she moved to France where she graduated from Esmod Paris in 1997. After returning to Japan in 1998, she debuted as a freelance fashion writer with her first column in Bunka Publishing Bureau's leading fashion magazine "SO-EN". Later, she continued her career as a freelance writer and in 2001, she participated in the establishment of Arex and becomes a director. Currently, she actively writes for "SPUR", "ELLE", "High Fashion" and Asahi Shimbun. She is also known for creating the liner notes for the compilation albums Favelachic and Sole. Yoko Abe continues to travel to France two times every year for coverage of the Paris Collection.

Yukiko Ochi
Executive Officer/Account director
Yukiko Ochi has more than 10 years experience working in the public relations field. Prior to joining Arex in 2006, Ochi worked for six years at Matsushita Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd in the area of customer relations and sales promotion. Following this, she worked for a public relations firm where she was specialized in various product branding, cosmetics and beauty. She then cosequently joined Hatsuko Endo Group. Ochi holds a degree from the Department of Literature at the University of Sacred Heart, Women's School. She is also experienced in providing corporate training.

Shunichiro Kamata
Executive Officer/ Account Director
After graduating from Keio University's Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kamata joined Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. (now Toshiba Corporation), where he set up an automatic design and drawing system for housing. He then joined Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (ISID), where he worked as a systems engineer, as well as in sales, general affairs and human resources, and held posts as a board member of an affiliated company, executive officer and head of the secretarial section. His extensive business experience at ISID includes IPOs, setting up overseas offices, compliance and information security management. In 2008, he was transferred to SJI, where he worked as Chief Administrative Officer and Internal Audit Manager. In April 2016, he joined Arex as Account Director / Senior Consultant. As a head of the administration division, he is responsible for corporate planning, human resources, general affairs and internal communication. He is also in charge of crisis management, media training, liaising with the investors of listed companies in crisis situations and IR consulting. In 2017, he has been appointed as Executive Officer.

Mayumi Yoshioka
Account director
Yoshioka, once a finance professional, now works as a public relations consultant for her clients in the fields of finance, life insurance, and securities. After graduating from Otsuma Women's University, she worked at Yamaichi Securities and developed her skills and knowledge of equity business at the Tokyo Offices of Credit Suisse First Boston and finally with Lehman Brothers. With her extensive experience in securities trading and investment, her public relations clients in the financial industry know that they can rely on her for sound advice tailored to their needs.

Jun Hatayama
Account manager
Hatayama joined Arex after he graduated from Waseda University's School of Law. Hatayama has been working at his present post since April 2010. He has experienced crisis communications training, crisis management guideline preparation, and has handled a number of actual corporate scandals. In regard to crisis communications, he has handled fireproof fraud incident, medical instrument recall, professional negligence resulting in bodily injury case and harmful rumors. He is a Public Relations Planner Accredited by PRSJ.

Ai Murase
Account supervisor
Murase has started her career as a public relations professional at PRAP Japan, Inc., one of the largest public relations agencies in Japan. At PRAP Japan where she learned the basics of public relations as well as media relations, she was in charge of foreign food company and logistics companies supporting their marketing PR planning. After PRAP Japan, she worked for Sankei Shimbun Co., Ltd. There she managed their news portal website "ZAKZAK." In 2000, she co-founded a consulting firm, Vovys Inc., where she managed public relations activities including one for a HR consulting firm and she was engaged in various kinds of projects as well, including online shop management and book publication. In 2010, she joined Arex. Her roles include managing account teams such as European-based HR consulting firm team as well as foreign financial institution team. She graduated from Tsuda College in 1995, majoring in International and Cultural Studies.

Kaori Ishiyama
Account supervisor
Ishiyama joined Arex in 2006 after she graduated from Chuo University's Faculty of Commerce. She was appointed as Account Supervisor in 2013 after working as Assistant Account Executive, Account Executive and Senior Account Executive. She is experienced in corporate and marketing communications, mainly in media relations for global as well as Japanese firms in the fields of finance, temporary employment agency and major food company. She has close relationships with Nikkei, major media and editors. Since 2008, she has been also engaged in crisis communications including handling corporate misconduct and crisis media training and is currently a Team Leader. In 2009, the company won the "Public Relations Award Grand Prix" for its crisis public relations for a food company. Public relations Planner Accredited by PRSJ, 2009.

Junko Tanaka
Account supervisor
After working for an international film festival and a television production/distribution enterprise, Tanaka joined Nomura Research Institute in 2000 where she was engaged in international projects for 6 years. In 2007, she joined a foundation where she was engaged in government-commissioned projects relating to cross-cultural communication and handled negotiations with overseas entities for 7 years. She joined Arex in 2014 and has provided public relations services for clients in overseas real estate services, aviation, as well as for an International NGO as Senior Account Executive. In 2015, she has been appointed as Account Supervisor and is leading the account team mainly handling global companies. Earned a BA in Liberal Arts from International Christian University, and MA in Communication Studies from University of Iowa. Public relations Planner Accredited by PRSJ.

Momoko Yamamoto
Account supervisor
After graduating from the University of the Sacred Heart's Department of Literature, Yamamoto joined Kodomo-no-shiro "National Children's Castle" where she was engaged in public relations activities for 25 years with focus on building relationships with the media. There, she was in charge of internal and external communications including event planning, unearthing ideas for PR, developing press releases, arranging and handling interviews with the media and creating organization's newsletters. She has also managed the public relations team which handled 1 million visitors to the facility and 100 interviews every year. After the facility closed in 2015, Yamamoto joined Arex as Senior Account Executive and was appointed as Account Supervisor in April 2016. She is currently engaged in corporate communications of a number of overseas companies, disorder awareness program of a pharmaceutical company, media events, public relations activity of consumer events and food company's marketing communications. She has a good reputation among customer companies in a wide range of industries. Earned a Master's degree in Career Design from Hosei University.

Yukiko Yamano
Account supervisor
Yamano started her career as a public relations professional at PRAP Japan, Inc., one of the largest public relations agencies in Japan. At PRAP, she learned the basics of public relations and media relations, and took charge of event marketing PR for a global food company among others. She has lived in the United States for 5 years since 2007, and joined Arex in 2013. After working as Senior Account Executive, she has been appointed as Account Supervisor in 2017. Currently, she is in charge of corporate communications for a European HR consulting firm and a global chemical company. She also provides crisis communication consulting services for overseas wine & spirits company, major food company and Japanese financial institution. She graduated from Sophia University's Department of Luso-Brazilian Studies in the Faculty of Foreign Studies.

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