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Crisis Management

Arex was founded as a consulting firm specializing in "crisis communications". With years of experience in this field, we offer a range of services in crisis communications and creating structure for managing crises.
At times of crises, our experts in crisis response will form a special team to minimize the damage at times of crises. We will also support in creating strong business structure under emergencies by developing "crisis management manuals" as a preparation for crisis from normal times and providing media trainings based on simulated crisis scenarios.

Crisis Communications (Emergency Response)

  • Establish Crisis Management Team, Outline basic policy
  • Media handling, Conduct press conference and press apology
  • Design programs for internal communications, customer relations, government
  • Develop strategy to restructure corporate image

Risk Consulting

  • Risk assessment -analysis, assessment, analysis of risk factors
  • Consulting on creating a crisis management system, establishing and operating CMT
  • Planning crisis management seminar
  • Develop crisis management manual

Crisis Simulation Training

  • Role playing in the event of crisis
  • Mock interviews / press conferences in the event of crisis