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Our Approach

We create the best public relations strategy by answering the following critical questions.

1. Understanding the Clients Business Goals

* What would our client want to achieve?

* What would our client want Arex to do?

2. Research

* Are our client's goals and PR targets appropriate?

* What does the PR target want to know about our client?

3. Establishing the Public Relations Goals

* What should our client accomplish?

* Why are these goals the most appropriate at the present time?

4. Determining the PR Target

* Who will be interested in our client's news?

* What assumptions are we making about our target audience?

5. Establishing the Most Effective PR Strategy

* What is the most effective PR strategy at this time?

* What should the client and Arex do at each stage of the PR campaign?

* What are the second or third PR strategies if something happens outside the scope of client's initial assumptions?

6. Practice

* Is the message clear?

* Can the PR target promptly and accurately receive information from us?

* Does the PR target appreciate the information?

7. Survey and Discussion after Actions

* Did the client and Arex achieve their goal?

* Was there anything that we could have done better?

* How can our client and Arex do better next time?

8. Further Planning For The Next Goal