Office Introduction

A work environment where highly professional people gather and cooperate

The office on the fourth floor consists of an office area and a conference room. Desks with low partitions make it easy for employees to communicate with each other and to concentrate when necessary, such as when preparing documents. The office has a refreshment area for internal meetings and breaks and individual spaces for online meetings.

4 1

01.Semi-open style office where we can work at a comfortable distance.

02.A space overlooking Sotobori Street. We can gather information, hold meetings, and change our minds.

03.Individual booths where we can concentrate on web conferencing or writing.

04.We listen to our clients and solve their problems in a relaxed space.

arex Media Training Center

Two media training programs can be conducted at the same time

The Media Training Center, located on the second basement level, is dedicated to simultaneously conducting two of our signature media training programs. It has a press conference room where we can hold a mock press conference, a seminar room where up to 40 people can gather, and an interview room for individual interview training. The lounge has sofas and low chairs so executives who come for media training can relax as much as possible.

4 1

01.The seminar room can accommodate up to 80 people connected to the conference room.

02.A space that resembles a press club conference room in a central government office, allowing for training just as if it were an actual event.

03.Interview room with studio-style lights.

04.A relaxing lounge to ease tension before and after training.