SDGs & Diversity

SDGs Sustainable Development Goals

We aim for a sustainable society by solving our client's problems

As a public relations consulting firm, we are committed to promoting the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals.
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Arex is not only actively involved in the SDGs as a firm as a whole but also provides business support to client companies that are working on the SDGs, particularly in solving communication issues through the power of public relations and supporting their growth, thereby contributing to the creation of a fair and healthy society. We also provide business support to client companies working on the SDGs.
Recently, we have received requests to provide proposals and information on SDG activities, and we would like to deepen our understanding of the SDGs and contribute to the promotion of the SDGs through proposals, consulting, and other services.


Supporting Plan International

Arex sympathizes with the activities of Plan International (link:, which provides ongoing support for girls in developing countries and has donated to Plan Sponsorship since 2005. Not only the company but also employees and board members who agree with the purpose of this activity continue to donate to this cause.

  1. 1No poverty
  2. 2Zero hunger
  3. 3Good health and well-being
  4. 4Quality education
  5. 5Gender equality
  6. 10Reduced inequalities
  7. 16Peace, justice and strong institutions
  8. 17Partnerships for the goals

Consulting for medical, welfare, and insurance-related companies

Arex's clients include medical and social welfare corporations, nursing care-related companies, and insurance companies. We provide public relations consulting for problems that harm health and welfare, maintain the reputation of the medical and welfare industry, and support healthy development by assisting in response to accidents.
It is also essential for insurance companies to operate soundly over a long period and to have a system in place to ensure that insurance claims and benefits are paid. We support insurance companies to ensure their sustainability through our crisis management and public relations consulting services.

  1. 3Good health and well-being

Information Disclosure and Educational Activities on Public Relations

For creating a sustainable society, it is essential to make information known; in other words, to have knowledge and skills in public relations. Since its establishment, Airex has provided public relations services and consulting opportunities to companies and organizations and has also been active in providing media coverage and contributing articles to the media. We are also active in providing information on public relations and crisis management as a lecturer at the Japan Center for Public Relations, the Japan Public Relations Association, and many other public organizations.

  1. 4Quality education

Creating a Safe and Long-Lasting Work Environment Regardless of Gender

Arex has actively employed women since its establishment. As of April 2023, the ratio of male to female staff is 4:6. We actively support our employees in taking childcare leave and returning to work after taking leave. All employees have returned to work after taking childcare leave. We also provide a comfortable working environment through telecommuting and shortened working hours.
In addition, when problems related to human rights violations, harassment, or labor compliance arise at client companies, we provide appropriate consulting services to help resolve the problems and contribute to realizing a discrimination-free society in which it is easy to work.

  1. 5Gender equality

Creating a workplace environment where employees can work happily

Arex provides generous benefits to its employees and strives to create an environment where each employee can work healthily and happily. In addition to promoting paid vacations, Arex has introduced a system for employees to take paid vacations in increments of hours and a telecommuting system. It has enhanced its summer vacation and special vacation programs in addition to the legally mandated paid vacations to achieve a better work-life balance. We motivate our employees to contribute to society by targeting industry-leading high compensation.

To ensure that employees can work in good health, we require them to undergo various medical examinations, and we subsidize the total cost of physical examinations for managers. We want our employees to work with peace of mind, so we hold individual interviews regularly to hear their opinions and requests regarding the work environment and their concerns. In order to cultivate a sense of creativity, we have established a creative support system and provide a monthly subsidy of 2,000 yen. In addition, for employees who are proactive in their career development, we support them in acquiring work-related qualifications and participating in training programs.

  1. 5Gender equality
  2. 8Decent work and economic growth
  3. 16Peace, justice and strong institutions

Support for business succession and others.

We support communication activities related to mergers and acquisitions, business succession, business transfers, and corporate revitalization to develop the local economy through business succession. We support corporate revitalization by preserving the know-how accumulated in the business for future generations and by demonstrating procedures for internal communication and internal revitalization in M&A.

  1. 9Industry, innovation, infrastructure

Environmentally Conscious Work

In addition to working to reduce paper resources through paperless and digitalization, we are reducing our environmental impact by introducing Cool Biz, using circulators, and continuing other initiatives that have now become commonplace, such as environmentally friendly air conditioner temperature settings and frequent light-outs.

  1. 13Climate action

Protecting against harmful rumors and press damage

Arex's corporate philosophy is "to realize a fair and equitable society."
Many of our corporate clients have requested reputation management services. In some cases, we have assisted in managing reputational damage caused by unprovoked rumors and press coverage. When a controversial issue is reported or commented on one-sided, we help realize a healthy society by requesting fair and impartial reporting through appropriate means and by restoring reputational damage.

  1. 16Peace, justice and strong institutions

Diversity Diversity Declaration

Arex promotes diversity to fulfill our corporate philosophy of "aiming to realize a fair and healthy society.
We will protect the human rights and freedoms of employees with diverse backgrounds and create a work environment that recognizes differences as individuality. We will strive to avoid any discrimination based on nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, creed, origin, age, gender, sexual orientation/gender identity, disability, and others., and aim to build a better and more harmonious society.

Promotion, regardless of gender

The percentage of women in management positions is 60%. We promote the active participation of women.

Support for changes in life stages

We support employees who change their life stages, such as marriage, childbirth, childcare, and nursing care, so that they can work with peace of mind,
We are working on flexible work styles, such as shorter working hours, hourly pay, and the possibility of telecommuting up to twice a week.

Implementation of Diversity Training

Starting in 2023, we will conduct diversity training for all employees to support the success of our diverse workforce.

Mentor System

Employees in their second or third year with the company act as mentors for new employees, providing advice on work procedures and necessary information to help them grow so that they can solve their problems.

Anti-harassment measures

In order to maintain a healthy work environment, we prohibit any harassment that may cause harm to others and have established a contact point for reporting and consultation in the event of problems.

Employment of Senior Staff

We employ veteran staff with long experience in the public relations industry to pass on their professional knowledge and experience.

Employee awareness survey

In order to reflect the opinions of our employees in our corporate activities, we conduct an employee awareness survey every two years and share the results with management to improve the workplace environment.