Reputation Management

Our professional staff will lead in "resolving communication issues" and "improving reputation."

Establishing a solid brand and improving brand value is essential for a company to differentiate itself in a highly competitive environment and continue to win. It is also necessary to build a corporate reputation, which is formed by gaining many stakeholders' understanding, trust, and empathy through all corporate actions. While our strength lies in crisis public relations, Airex has extensive experience and best practices in strategic reputation management.


01 Branding

We identify issues based on corporate image evaluation, media analysis, and various surveys and formulate effective strategic measures, focusing on ESG indicators and other social values and setting goals. We contribute to resolving issues through implementing and supporting external and internal public relations initiatives. We have extensive experience in inner and B-to-B branding, where we instill the company's purpose, mission, and values, increasing employee empathy and loyalty.

Service List

  1. Analysis of current PR activities, media audits, press analysis and evaluation, and problem identification
  2. Mid- to long-term branding strategy development to enhance corporate value (anniversary, management strategy announcement, CI change, etc.)
  3. Corporate message development
  4. Media Relations (releases, press conferences, interview arrangements, etc.)
  5. Leader Communications, Community Relations

02 Corporate Communication

We form a "public relations team" that works with the people in charge at client companies to formulate corporate communications objectives and strategies for each stakeholder group, such as customers, potential customers, and employees, and to conduct communications activities that increase engagement. Utilizing our perspective and experience as a consulting firm, we grasp world trends and social issues and propose measures to achieve the goals of the public relations department effectively. In addition to developing mid- to long-term PR strategies and plans and promoting corporate philosophy and the SDGs, we also provide a wide range of support for day-to-day PR support, consultation on concerns, and training to enhance the skills of the PR department. We help you build strong trust with your stakeholders.

service list

  1. Press analysis, media audits, corporate image evaluation, and issue identification
  2. Formulation of annual and mid- to long-term PR strategies
  3. Media Relations (releases, press conferences, interview arrangements, etc.)
  4. Strategy formulation and implementation of communication measures to realize the SDGs
  5. Internal communications planning and execution (internal newsletters, internal events, etc.)

03 Marketing Communication

While there is a growing demand for digital PR such as SNS, it is essential to provide adequate information to both digital and existing mass media, and we propose effective PR communications that will resonate with consumers and move them toward purchasing behavior. We support strategic PR communications by discovering and designing stories that enhance the value of products and services and by utilizing existing mass media, which still has a powerful influence, and social media, which have a high diffusion power. Depending on your objectives, we also provide practical PR activities that draw consumer action through appropriate means, such as influencer marketing.

service list

  1. Marketing and public relations strategy planning and strategy development
  2. Media relations operations (releases, communication relations)
  3. PR event planning/management (presentations, previews)
  4. Social media monitoring
  5. Marketing using influencers